Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail

I grew up in a house where an after dinner Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail was something my parents made and/or consumed on a special evening out.

I was looking for a cocktail to share for St Patricks Day and for a kid of the 70’s McDonalds Shamrock Shakes were amazing could I make an adult Shamrock Shake?

Yes! was the answer. I had seen my dad make them several times for adults. They of course were called Grasshoppers bright green and minty. In addition to seeing them as a kid I  also am a frequent visitor to the Land of Wisconsin Supper Clubs. The land where the Ice Cream Cocktail has been elevated to a art form, in the future we will explore more about both Supper Clubs  and Ice Cream as art and consumables. Today its about the Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail.

It is a short ingredient list and it is open for some interpretation. Put it in a shake glass? Opt for a fancy martini glass?  As you will note in the above photo I went for Fancy.  Use a half gallon of ice cream for one drink like they do at many a supper clubs?  Keep it to half a pint or so for a more creamy drinkable version? I opted for the second creamy more drinkable version but I may or may not of consumed two of them.

The toughest question is the Ice Cream. Use what you like in the vanilla category. I choose Häaggen-Dazs Vanilla for the creamy delicious vanilla flavor. It really is your choice!

I am partial to having one of these after a great grilled steak dinner only because it bring back many fine memories, but really they are appropriate anytime you feel the need for Ice Cream and adult Beverages.

Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail


  • approx 1/2 pint of Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 2oz Crème De Menthe
  • 1/4 oz Crème De Cocoa

Put Ice Cream in your mixing device of choice. I like using the Kitchen Aid Mixer because you can do multiply servings at a time. You can see a short video here on what mixing in a Kitchen Aid Mixer  looks like How to Use a Kitchen Aid to mix a cocktail

Start mixer add the alcohol mix until smooth and serve.

This is a great cocktail for anytime but it makes St Patricks Day extra green and boozy for those of us with a sweet boozy tooth!!