Homemade Sweet & Sour Cocktail Mix

Sour Mix

To make cocktail ingredients from scratch improves the flavor of a cocktail. Homemade Sweet & Sour Cocktail Mix is no exception.  You may also know this ingredient as just plain old Sour Mix, they are the same thing.

There are far easier ways to get cocktail ingredients but do they taste as good as homemade? The quick answer NO! The honest answer is it maybe easier even or even taste better to buy from a store but not very often. Tripping Vittles has  talked a bit about making and drinking cocktails but I have only really talked ingredients on one other occasion. In the post Simple Syrup is easy recipe for the sweetener used in many forms of cocktails.

Simple Syrup is an essential ingredient to great cocktails it is also a vital part of  Sweet and Sour Mix. You can’t have the sour with out the sweet just like there is no Tango without Cash(vague 80’s buddy movie reference)

In addition to sharing with you another great cocktail ingredient it is also my  first post sharing with you a favorite product and a way for you to buy the product.  Apparently it is my responsibility to disclose I make money if you buy something from my link.  I was not paid by anyone to say good things about said product.  I think this should be self explanatory if you know me, You know my dream is to make Tripping Vittles a business. You also probably know that my opinions are not for sale. If it sucks you won’t be able to pay me enough to say its good and sometimes I share how awesome something is without benefiting at all. If there is a link or if it in my store well you will know I have the possibility to make money with it.  Boom! disclaimer over.

Now for the recipe…..

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