Market Mondays: Green Onion Bratwurst

green onion brats

Today’s Market Monday is a little different; We will talk about Green Onion Bratwurst but first, Today is the day we remember all those that sacrificed in service to our nation. But, unfortunately, today is for those that did not come home. It does not go without notice by me what others have done to allow me to live the life I do.

Market Mondays

This day is also the unofficial start of the summer picnic and grilling season. Although summer does not arrive officially for another 21 days, that does not stop us from getting out and enjoying all this time of year has to offer. We have about four months if we are lucky of pure grilling bliss.
You don’t ever really have to put away the BBQ grills. I use my grill year-round, but then I did grow up in Minnesota, where those four months get cut back to two in some cases. So I guess what I am saying is grill like there is no other choice. If it’s food, ya can probably grill it!

Tier 3 Heritage Products Green Onion Bratwurst

This past week it was cold and windy for the market. But, even with the bad weather forecast, I could not pass up getting some Green Onion Bratwursts for grilling from one of my favorite vendors and two of my most favorite people Nelson and Merideth, from Tier 3 Heritage Products.

Tier3 is a small farm just north of Westerville by a few miles. Nelson and Merideth have Beef, and Pork and they do both tremendously well, so well that they have ruined me on most other pork products forever.

Market Mondays(MM) is not where I will go into lengthy explanations about things. Instead, MM is to highlight something I bought, call out the producers and share a recipe or two. But I would like to add here that Nelson is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever heard speak about farming. He is always happy to share his process and thoughts on the subject. So please, when you visit his booth, if you have a question, ask. You will be amazed at all you learn. On the other hand, if you cannot speak to Nelson face to face, please go to a local farmers market and find someone willing to share their knowledge. You and your belly will be better for it.

How should I cook the Brats?

It is a new product, a green onion bratwurst. If you are like me, you will have to sit a moment with that. Merideth gave me two tips about cooking this one. First, think Asian-inspired flavors, and two, do not be afraid to take these out of their casing.

With the idea of something Asian inspired in mind, I went to work. I love the flavors of Pho and Bánh mí Sandwiches. So I thought I would make a slaw using a little inspiration from both to top the Brats after grilling. If you have ever had the Sandwich Bánh mí, you will know the bread is very distinctive. I searched several places for the bread, but I settled for Hawaiian King hot dog buns on Sunday and short on time. Turns out the flavor of those buns was delicious. But next time I make these I will for sure have Bánh mí buns on hand. It would take this to the next level.