Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney

I sit here late in the evening thinking about planning a trip to Walt Disney World.  If you would have asked me 2+ years ago before my visit if I would have ever gone back I would have told you NO!

Thats harsh you say for it’s the happiest place on earth. Yes but I honestly thought I don’t have kids my Friends who Run (FWR’s for future reference) They will never run a Challenge like that again.  It’s called the Dopey Challenge for a reason.  I ask my self why  go back when  I blew it up 5 star. I had a fantastic time and thought that was it my last Disney experience in life.


I was completely wrong about this last Disney experience stuff. Disney got into me more as an adult than it did when I visited as a child. It is absolutely the best place on earth for adults!! Yeah ok kids can come to if ya got them but seriously Disney will get into you and make your head fill with Fantasia Dreams and Small World nightmares and it will all be awesome!

A lot on the mind

I have a lot of things to look at with Tripping Vittles and I sat down to kind of go over all that in my brain. There will be some changes you will see and others you will not, Tripping Vittles is growing and that is so exciting but it also makes me want to chew my nails..  The changes will make Tripping Vittles better in the long run but will give me stress in the short. When I feel stressed I start day dreaming. I am stressed so the following is what  I was thinking about when I was day dreaming I was at Disney and not adulting

Reasons to go to Walt Disney World as an Adult

  1. AVATAR….I don’t need to say more than that but this highest grossing movie of all time with the escape from reality/love plot now has its own land.  I have to see that.  If you do to it opens May 27 in The Animal Kingdom Park.
  2. STAR WARS….. Yes this is a main personal driving reason for many future visits to The Wonderful World of Disney. It may be the reason I go back to LA as there are going to be attractions at both parks.                                                                                                     Planning a Trip to Disney
  3. FOOD….There is no shortage of amazing food. The quick service Fried Fish at the pub in Epcot is superb. The  Grey Stuff at Be our Guest Restaurant. is as good as Beauty and the Beast.  The food is great oh, oh and lets not forget the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream….If you don’t eat at least 2 of these a day you are not living!                                                                               Planning a trip to Disney
  4. RIDES… Bring your Dramamine  as you get older motions messes with you but there are plenty of rides you will love.  Test Track at Epcot will make you forget about the stresses of everyday life.  If you are in your 40’s how can you not want to ride the Rock ‘n ‘Roller Coaster to the Tunes of Aerosmith. If you are very  brave even as an adult you can ride It’s a Small World.  The ride is older than I am and the song will stay with you but damn it its happy!  My favorite ride as a kid was Pirates of the Caribbean it was around way before Johnny Depp impersonated Keith Richards as Captain Jack Sparrow.  I love this ride and on slow days with a park hopper pass I can ride it each day of my trip !                                                                                                 Planning a trip to Disney

DRINKS….There is  LeFou’s Brew Disney’s version of Butter Beer  and free soda from around the world in Epcot and that’s all well and good but let’s get serious. Disney maybe the place for kids but the adult beverages are amazing!  The Magic Kingdom remains mostly a dry area though at 4-5 sit down restaurants  they do serve alcohol in one form or another.

The other parks though those are adult play grounds with the fantastic drinks to prove it.  Who does not love a good Pub Crawl.  Try the Epcot around the world crawl. Start in Mexico a really good crazy margarita avocado anyone?. Hit some beer in Germany and some Limoncello in Italy. As you swing by the hall of Presidents in America  try the Frozen Red Stag Lemonade.  How about some Sake in Japan. Don’t miss the Frozen Grand Marnier and Rum concoction  in France.

My favorite crawl is the one done by Monorail where a person starts at either the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary or the Polynesian stopping at each hotel for a drink. Find the bar and enjoy. On this particular crawl is where I discovered the Smoked Turkey It is by far my favorite drink at Disney World.                                               Planning a trip to disney

Reasons to start Planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

Life is hard. Sometime jobs suck. Sometimes life is overwhelming especially in this day and age. Are You tired of the hate coming from all directions.  There has to be a place where life is easier. You have not a care in the world. The only thing that is overwhelming is the choice between Dole whip swirled cone or a dole whip float.  If you have it twice  you won’t have to choose.

You are safe at Disney. Disney the place where Differences are celebrated . There are no politics, bosses or customers. There are no angry drivers, annoying cashiers. You do not even have to get behind the wheel of a car unless it is at Tomorrowland Speedway.  If all of this appeals to you as it does me come on and join me in Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World.  While you do why don’t you enjoy my version of Disney’s Smoked Turkey.

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