The Schitts Creeking of Americas Highways

The Schitts Creeking of America’s Highways. I am sure there are small charming places all over the world that are getting facelifts and resurgences thanks to the charming show Schitts Creek(watch it if you have not seen it yet) but as the great American road trip and wandering grow, so

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Airbnb the nightmare

Is Airbnb a Nightmare?

Is Airbnb a nightmare? My short answer is yes! As I mentioned in my last post Bay City, Michigan: AnUnexpected Treat, we stayed in an Airbnb, and I would have some comments on our use of Airbnb’s on the trip we took around Lake Huron and on some other trips

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Bay City Michigan

Bay City, Michigan: An Unexpected Treat

The first trip I took this past summer was around Lake Huron. There were so many fantastic, fun, and exciting things on our road trip it is not fair to do only one post. The first unexpectedly intriguing stop was in Bay City, Michigan. Driving around Lake Huron, you tend

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Road Trippin with a Dog: Safety

Road Trippin with a Dog: Safety So far the #1 question asked is about Leia and what it is like to go Road Trippin with a dog. I will tell you that my Leia is a good dog but not trained super well. If I am honest it is me,

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My Schitts Creek Experience

….This is my Schitts Creek Experience I am driving down the road after a major goof up… Did you know Nashville and Memphis are two different cities? In the same state? one is on the Mississippi and one is not. Nashville, Memphis they sound a lot alike Yes I did

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What Would Anthony Bourdain Do

What Would Anthony Bourdain Do?

I find myself asking that a lot, What Would Anthony Bourdain do? Why you ask, well he for one is a very big part of why I continue down this path you can read about that here. He was and continues to be a writer who I admire greatly. His

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