Memorial day

Picnic Season Officially Starts on Memorial Day

Picnic Season Officially starts on Memorial Day. The real reason for  Memorial Day is it is a  time to remember all the people who died while serving in our great countries armed forces.

When I started to think about today’s post I was not sure how to tie the two together  in a way that would be respectful? Could I honor the fallen while making a cooler and cocktail recipe.  I think the answer is yes.

What is Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day we as a nation take time to remember those that have given all while serving in a branch of the armed service. It is also the start of the summer picnic season kids are getting out of school people start taking family vacations.

This is often times confused with Veterans Day another 3 day weekend at the end of the summer when you squeeze in your last BBQ before you know you will have to get the kids back to school.

I remember the differences in the two holidays by reminding myself on Memorial Day that whole bunches of brave men and women gave their lives so I am able to have the summer to vacation and grill out  enjoying  the freedoms so many in this world do not have.

Veterans Day is at the end of summer. I give thanks to all veterans  because I enjoyed a summer of sunshine, grilled meats and cocktails.  We are so very blessed in this country and sometimes we forget it. These are the holidays that remind me it is  so.  The time in between that I get to spend at a picnic table is only done so because of others sacrifices.

What is Picnic Season

It is time between Memorial Day and Veterans Day where we in America eat burgers and brats. Drink Coke and cocktails. Swim in pools, water ski in lakes. Light off pyrotechnics listen to music and generally have a fun time while the temperature is 75 degrees or hotter.

It is a time to see family and friends. Drink a little drink and smoke a little smoke as some country music artist once sang.  It in general is a good time till winter returns and spoils all the fun.

What to drink during picnic season

I am a cocktail drinker but on days I work I like coolers. Refreshing drinks that usually have a fruit base. I have  been prepping you to get your home bar ready with some  mixers and basics ingredient recipes. If you have taken the advice you will be ready to make the following drinks.

If you have not refer back to a few posts…          Simple Syrup , Homemade Sweet and Sour Mix ,  Strawberry Shrub and Honey Water 

Strawberry Shrub Cooler

Using our Strawberry Shrub Recipe we are going to make a great non-alcoholic refreshing beverage  recipe

[tasty-recipe id=”1878″]

Strawberry Shrub Margarita

We again are going to be using our Strawberry Shrub Recipe but this time we are going to be making a delightful take on a margarita.

[tasty-recipe id=”1881″]