Thanksgiving a Family Meal

Written By David Kline~“My personal background and 40 years in the hospitality industry have forged my diverse passions for food, wine, cocktails, education, history, theater, and music. My goal with each posting is to give insightful and entertaining topic substance with equal measures of honesty, humor, humility and history.”  TURKEY

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So Much Excitement

I have not written in a very long time. There is So Much Excitement happening with Tripping Vittles I am not sure where to start. A long time ago in a galaxy Far Far away………….

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Anthony Bourdain is the Reason I Write

Anthony Bourdain is not the reason I love Food, Travel and Adventure my mom and dad hold that honor. Anthony Bourdain is the reason I write about it and want to keep writing about it. Now with him gone I feel a compulsion to never stop.

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