The Absolute Best List of Items For Making Soup

We have just had a storm(Snowmaggedon 2022) and we have at least two more months of cold weather. Before it really feels like spring. This is my absolute best list of items to use for making soup. Yes, there are a million and one soup recipes out there. I think

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featured image for tripping vittles blog post

Tripping Vittles is Life

I have come to treat this blog a bit like therapy and a bit like a platform to hash out what I am doing with my life in and around my business, now businesses. Things in life change. I think we oftentimes don’t like to admit we make mistakes or

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How to use the proper onion

How to Use the Proper Onion

Onions, there are so many kinds to choose from how do you know which onion to use? This post will show you how to use the proper onion. It will also give you some tips and ideas on how to make onion prep easy.

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Leaving Work Behind and Setting the Covid Reset

This past month has been a rollercoaster.  There is a separate post coming on that. But it is incredible to me how many people want to confront me about my choice of Leaving past work behind and carving out a new life for myself. I call it the Covid Reset

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Market mondays

Market Mondays: Rose & Marie Candles and Soap

The best part of finding locally made products at farmers’ markets is getting to use the products. Simple Trinity Clothing is the creator of this week’s Market Monday’s vendor Rose & Marie Candles and Soap. I knew right away Rose & Marie would be a feature on Market Monday because

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